Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Official The Mechanical Apartheid Live-Action Trailer

Never played Deus Ex but the trailers for this game always look awesome.
This looks like a great movie idea.
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The trailer is extremely intense, less for its, admittedly impressive cinematics and the fact it indeed would be a highly interesting movie plot, but more so as it shows what we as humans are, a bunch of fascist wimps afraid of the unknown, replace augmented people with, what ever minority or people that in history has been hunted and killed and you have the history books.

We don't like them, we are afraid of them, lets build ghettos, walls and fences and put them in there so we can shoot them like fish in a barrel. =/

Besides my little rant about humanity, if the game can live up to its trailers - yes I will be playing it to death like its grandfather =)

In the midst of them talking about mechanical augmentation, they mentioned viruses which could wipe out humanity or something and that irked me. Mechanical augmentation and organism development are two very different branches of biology. Bionic limbs have nothing to do with biological weapons. One is augmentation and the other is organism creation or development. Unless the augmentations have something to do with microbes in some way. Maybe they need genetically engineered viruses in order to make the augmentations work? I don't see why that would be the case, but whatever. I am over thinking things.

Also, drugs which would prevent the rejection of artificial body parts would not affect the mind. To "prevent the body's rejection of the augmentation" or whatever, you would want an immunosuppressant. I am not sure why your immune system would reject the augmentations unless they were somehow integrated into the bloodstream as opposed to mechanically tapping into nerves and neurons, which is how I would assume that they would have gone about it. Regardless, an immunosuppressant shouldn't make you more angry or less able to control yourself or anything. It should just make you more susceptible to infection and disease.

This could have been made into a very interesting narrative about a clash between social classes; those who can afford augmentation and those who can't. Or perhaps shoe the augmentations as a type of weapon which can be wielded for personal gain, just like guns or knives or whatever. Instead, they turned the augmented into ghouls or something. Zootopia meets Tokyo Ghoul meets Ghost in the Shell when it should have been more akin to In Time. I'm not saying that it is bad or uninteresting. I am just saying that it shows a general lack of understanding of the underlying biology on the half of the writers/creators.

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I hope by the time humans get to this stage, they are no longer oppressed by a "mainstream media".

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See Ghost in the Shell for further details.

I would add it is funny how history repeats itself. 2032 we have a virus which takes control over augs, be it the limbs or brain implants. Then look at today with our lack luster cyber security. I'd totally watch this as a movie any day though. Playing through Human Revolution and I am stoked beyond measure.

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