Deus Ex - Mankind Divided - Adams more powerful

If you played the original DE:HR you have to admit by the end Adam had some power via his augments, been able to use the typhoon system, Icarus landing, Cloaking etc made him the most advanced and the most dangerous augmented man in the game (bosses fell like flies with these powers).
And now we are introduced to a more mature Jensen, with more augments, we see the old ones like Cloak, but new, one that looks like a Kamehameha wave and another that looks like a teleporting Chi blast (DBz Series).
At the end it would seem Adams dermal armor has been upgraded once again to some sort of diamond looking armor that protects him from the shell.
A new improved Adam Jensen, would you class this as too overpowered? or an upgrade in the story of HR/MD?

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