Detailed Network Statistics For Desktop backgrounds


Could anyone recommend any software that displays detailed network information on a skin that overlays the desktop background? I am looking for something that not only displays the current upload/download speeds, but also which are the top programs/processes on my PC using the NIC.

Something that displays this information that is found in windows' resource monitor.

But in this format/layout/skin:

I know there are solutions such as rainmeter and samurize; however, none seem to have a detailed overview on network traffic (only download and upload speeds).

Basically, I want to keep an eye on what is using programs are using my network on my PC.

There might not be anything out there but thought it worth asking.

Thank you in advance.

your looking for conky for windows.
conky is a configurable information program that overlays on your desktop.
here is mine:


@wr250 thanks for your response. Yes indeed! I am looking for a conky alternative for windows. As far as I am aware Conky doesn't exist for Windows.

The three I have found don't really cut it for what I want.

  • Rainmeter is a good bit of software but too simple.

  • Desktop info doesnt seem to work on Windows 10.

  • Samurize has stopped being developed.

Perhaps there is nothing out there...anyone else know of anything?