Destriping RAID 0 drives

Hey everybody I have 2 drives in RAID 0 but i don't know the blocksize or drive order (As they were RAID 0 from factory but Mobo died) and I was wondering if there was anyway to destripe and salvage the data? possibly for free...

One way is to get a motherboard with the same chipset, configure the RAID and the BIOS the same, and usually windows is able to boot. But really running a RAID0 you should have had a backup.. tsk tsk.

Hopefully some one else knows some real data recovery techniques.

It was mums old prebuilt I'd never even looked inside untill it died. I have considered getting the same mobo but that doesn't solve the problem of the lack of settings, anyway thanks for the help. :)


Well if does not have to be the same motherboard. Same chipset atleast! Tell us the motherboard and we could help you out more. Once enabling RAID on the MB the chipset should be able to read the bit of info on it and it would recognize the array its self.

So u may yet be retrievable? Will get make and model tomorrow as it is quite late... well early. Thanks for the help :)

What I was trying to do was retrieve the data without buying a new mobo.

if it wasn't the boot drive you may just need any motherboard with raid support

It was the boot drive, but if i only need the data off it does that make a differance? oh and i couldn't even get a brand let alone model number.

could it damage data trying to set up a raid on my mobo without knowing the old chipset? I have a maximus V formula.

The general rule of thumb is that RAID arrays can't be transfered or changed. Each raid controller address the disks slightly different.

Also not knowing the stripe size, which disk was which or the write method of the controller. You are pretty much f*cked. 

In future, never run RAID off of a mobo. As these things will happen. And not to sound like an arse, but if you don't have a backup, you got exactly what was coming to you.

and if I could find out the stripe size disk order and write method?

I not that woried about the data (all the important stuff was backed up) now i just interested in how you could do it.

Then you'd need an identical controller. The stripe and write may (not saying they will be) of been left as default for the controller.

They were not my drives I never even knew they were in a RAID

I'll try setting up a RAID with my current MOBO and see what happens

Or would that be a bad idea?

You will lose the data, as to initialise the raid, it shall reconfigure the disks. (there is like a 1% chance that will work)

Hmmm i think i change my mind about just trying it and seeing what happens. I shall do some more research and see if i can identify my old mobo.


You say it was a prebuilt machine. What brand and model is it?

aghhhh nothing!!!! I swear DELL is the devil.