Destiny 2

I ordered a 1080 the other day and got a copy of Destiny 2 as part of a promo as fps type games are not my kind of thing I’m giving it away to the first one to post up.

So in summery first one to post up here gets it free. Please note I don’t know system requirements ect of game or if it will work without the card, but I will provide promo code I got and the instructions to activate it.

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Does it count if I want to gift it to a friend? If so, I’m in.

Not to bust your bulbble but im pretty sure you cant just give a game that is part of an nvidia bundle, you require the card to redeem the code… It was like that with rocket league

Promo code sent


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If it works it works if not ehh it was free so no loss

It worked! thanks again, @Seina_Yamada.

The game needed a 10-series card to redeem.
I have a 1080ti, but my friend has a 980, so here is what we did, for anyone in the same situation…

I logged into geforce experience on my machine, redeemed the code, and then changed my geforce password.
I sent my nvidia creds to my friend, who logged in under my account on his machine.

he then logged into his own blizz acct through geforce experience, which worked to activate.
I changed my nvidia password back to whatever, and we’re good to go.


Good good I hope he injoys =)


thats why i dont like nvidia amd just gives u the code not log in with g force this nd thst kinda gay tbh

Was it really necessary to necro just to start a flame war?


@moderators I humbly request this thread sent back to the grave!

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