Despret for the key!

Hello forum! Thank you for clicking this post and hopefully you'll also add some input! 

The reason I am posting here is because I'm despret for a Microsoft office home and student 2007 product key. I NEED the product key and I have no clue where to get it/ how to get it. I have 2 big projects which both use PowerPoint due by Monday (Saturday afternoon now) and only meow I realize it asks me for a 25 character product key. Without it, I can view my work, but I cannot edit it. Torrenting the whole Microsoft office package isn't really possible with a 0.25MBS internet speed (my phone is my only internet) and I can't get an extension on the work. I'm in big doo-doo. 

I need your (forum) help! Please, if you can tell me where to get the product key, or give me one, or SOMETHING other than wasting a really long time downloading the torrent, I will be so greatful. I'm so despret for it(not the time for a "that's what she said" joke). Please, if anyone can help me, or try, please do! ! !

Try that.

If it does not work you will either have to download a newer Microsoft office software or use an alternative software, such as, libre office or open office. They are many orders of magnitude better and can save in formats compatible with the Microsoft programs.

+1 to LibreOffice

Thanks for the help! I'm attempting to download libre office ATM, so far unsuccessful. But I really don't think this will work though because of my terribly slow internet and the 200+mb file :/

Bump? D:

It should take roughly 15 minutes to download with that internet speed; it's not that slow at all.

open office ftw :)

You are in school. You probably have access to MS Dreamspark. Get keys there. 

ps. 5th time I bring up dreamspark. Still it is great. 

Since when can you get Office keys in Dreamspark ( except for MS project and other stuff most people don't need)?

I got all my office keys from there. Might be different from school to school though. Tried with 3 different unis here in Sweden and they all had Office licenses. 

opensource will set you free.