Desperated for used FuryX

I want to buy, a used fury x, because in the place where I live, the new rx 480 came out so expensive that is not that good of an option, so I want to buy, a pair of fury x´s, I don´t know if I am going to buy both at the same time, or one now, and the other next month.

My zip code, is 42088, I have no more than $400 per card, I need of course international shipping, I can only afford in the shipping costs 60-70 dollars per card.

The cheapest the better.


How much is the RX 480? Someone could just ship you those...

380 dollars, for 20 bucks more, I preffer having the fury x, even used

Fair enough.
Is that because of import bullshit or just markup?

Wait so you aren't in kentucky?

The Fury X is actually only $400 on sale atm new in the US at least

$445 on amazon, there was one at $400 on newegg earlier

amazon is not willing to do international shipping on that one, I had already checked that one

Gotta move you to america man

Germany? 430 EU here

Also why the Fury X exactly? although I might even just jump on it myself if it stays at $400...

seems preety good for that price, but I cant find how to get some info about the international shipping :S

So wait where are you? also I'm sure they a support e-mail

I´m in mexico, my zip code is 42088

You might just be screwed then unless you know someone in the states

Dont let me die here, alone, in the dark, without video card :(


You may yet just end up having to downgrade