Desperate in search for a Gainward GTX680 4gb

As the titel explains I am in desprate search of a Gainward GTX 680 Phantom 4GB version.

Im am from the Netherlands and I have been searching for this card for a solid 3-4hours now (Maibe I just really suck at googling) and have not been able to find any sellers that actually have this card. I was able to find the 2gb version somewhere but just not the 4gb version anymore. The reason I want this card is because I wanna go SLI and already own 1 of these bad boys. Since it is no longer possible to match 2 cards with different amounts of vram and I dont want to downgraid my 4GB card to 2GB.
If any of you are able to help me find a seller that ships to my country, or any other way of getting it here. That would be highly apreciated.

Or if anyone has anothere suggestion for a good card that is not loud and keeps it cool, that would be fine aswell.

Thnx in advance

Greetings from the Netherlands

I am looking to sell or trade my EVGA 680 FTW+ 4GB. It isn't as cool looking as a Gainward (are you looking for a Phantom?), but it kicks major ass, and hits 1.4gHz stable GPU core easily :)

I may be wrong but I think the vendor doesnt matter if the Gpu and amount of vram are the same. So, you could go with any other card like Asus or MSI etc

@brennanriddell, seeing im am unable to find a card thus far, how does that card do as far as temps and noise goes? I really like the phantom as it is pretty quiet. Like I can barely hear it when playing games even though its standing just under my desk. I really dont want it to sound like my pc is going to take off when on load. Well, and ofcourse an important question, how much are you looking to get for the card. I have nothing to trade for it and also where would it be coming from? shipping costs?

@abaxxa, yeah thats what I figured but I kinda want to have 0 risk of problems and it also looks way more badass with 2 indentical cards :P

Thanks for the replies