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I want a new computer desk, at the moment its just a square wooden table and I can just fit my 27" tv and another 19", but I just bought 2 new 24" monitors and I'll need a desk to put them all on (the 27 and 2 24" not them and the 2 19" ones) but I dont know If I should get a really long computer desk, 2 shorter ones and place them side to side or get proper office tables or what, any ideas or better thell me what you use


P.S dont you worry about the sizes of the tables, let me worry about blank

I would consider some of the stuff ikea offers.

Just mesure your stuff and go to ikea, pick a table and some legs.

Personally I prefer just buying a simple desk that generally has four standard legs, with or without panels connecting them, and a large single flat top. All these intricate and fancy computer desk designs just make it more of a hassle in my opinion. Keep it simple.

for my old desk i used to use a 6 foot folding table, u could use that for your computer setup and leave your tv on your old desk

my pc is on the boiler and my monitor mouse and keyboard are on a chest of draws, no really they are. do not follow my example!!