Desktop speakers

What are the best speakers ? I heard that Bose, Herman Kardon and Creative Labs.Inc are pretty good. I just wanted which company speakers should I go for ? I heard Creative's are cheap and pretty good. My friend actually uses Creative and they are pretty good. So, I just want to know which one should I go for, don't worry about the cost.

check out the Audioengine A5+ speakers....they're very nice. and you won't find any speaker setup at $80 that can beat this, get it now. :D

I've always been a fan of Klipsch as far as desktop speakers go.  I've been using their Promedia 2.1 set for...  ummm....  8 years now?  Never a problem, and they sound great.  I've got friends who are still running Promedia 2.1 and 4.1 sets from the early 2000's that are still kicking as well.   

I've considered going with a receiver/bookshelf/sub setup in the office before, but I just couldn't justify the extra cost or the extra space it would take up for a marginal improvement in audio quality (you know, unless I dropped a butt load of cash on equipment).

Of course, speakers are a fairly subjective thing.  The sound I prefer may not be the sound you prefer.  So ymmv.

I would recommend the Creative Gigaworks T40 II, its a 2.0 system, nicely blends in with most computer monitors side by side, great performance, and no need to lose space to a subwoofer. (although i will agree that systems with a subwoofer are much better at giving the kick out, but for a room, this is a really good buy)


IMO the older Logitech stuff is pretty good too, comparable to the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1.  As in the Logitech Z-2300 I've had for about 7 years, the newer stuff is just meh.  You can find them the Z-2300 on Ebay for as low as 80 dollars.

I've had the idea of going for some nice studio monitors and a sub, but it's super expensive, and they take up alot of space. And my setup isn't convenient for getting any floor speakers for sure.

this will sound bad ...but as an audio tech, you will never get better speakers than ones you build. they may look basic, but they tune so much better, yes you must tune a speaker box to a certain Freq. you may even find a new hobby (not that computers are bad) im just saying another skill. I have even seen them made from fiberglass, And the ones you build, will be half the cost of comparable speakers.