Desktop instead of Laptop


I am in my mid teen years. My mother told me, earlier in the year, that she would be getting us (her, my younger sister and myself are the only ones who live in the house) a new desktop after Christmas, because our current one is 5 years old and was pre-built by Dell. 

The thing is, though, I have a Macbook Pro which my school gave to me for free which cannot play games with its puny integrated Intel HD4000 graphics (I get an average of about 27 fps on Rise of the Triad on lowest settings). Mum thinks this is enough for me, and since my sister is getting a laptop of her own from school next year, she wants to just get herself a little laptop to check her emails, type up word documents and play her small flash games.

I have suggested that she gets a desktop and the family puts in to get her a Chromebook for her birthday (mid January) so she can sit on the couch and do her stuff (that's why the idea of a laptop is so appealing to her), and she says that's not a bad idea, but she thinks it's more economical for her to just get a laptop and be done with it.

So my question is this: What are some other reasons I can give her to let me build a computer, as opposed to just getting a laptop for herself?



You can express yourself, expand your knowledge

You are in a pretty normal situation for people in your situation for someone of your age: parents say you don't need something that you want, or may need. Here are some things to persuade her to see things your way.

  • Explain to her that you want to learn about computers and build your own.
  • Tell her that you will give her your macbook or sell it to her for money to build your own computer. This way everyone gets what they want.
  • Explain to her that building a desktop will give you the power you need for a lot less money. You can use it for (state what computer stuff you are going to research and try doing such as: programming, photoshop and graphic design, 3d animation)

The key is to give her good reasons for why you need this for more than just games.

YOur school gave you a macbook pro for free? which school do you go to?

A few thoughts:

What in the world kind of grade school gives the kids a mac

It must be good because your are very well spoken for a teenager

And I wish when I was a teenager that my had a computer...and internet faster than 56k

My cousins got a laptop from their school as well. My cousins went to an international school in South Korea. It wasn't exactly free since the school had high tuition costs. It was a private school, and they required all the kids to have it. They also made all the students wipe their HDD's ever semester and reinstall the OS and office too.

Anyway, that would be a minor setback. Hope you get get what you need to start building. I was tinkering with computers in middle school and built my first computer in high school. of course I worked construction in the summer to pay for it lol... Good luck with your mom!

give mac book to mom, its a facebook machine anyways, allocate 100$ to a netbook for word docs and build a desktop

everyone's happy