Desktop icon placement - Why don't we have this for all folders?

It's bugged me for years, why can we move files around on the desktop to, say, the corners useful for when you work on things but want to keep it in one handy place, but this functionality is not supported in folders?

Because at this point I am treating my desktop like .... Well, a desktop. I put all the files I am working on there because I can quickly 'nab what I need without having to go between 10 different folders. Kinda like a cache for my current project. But I don't want to be stressing my 5 year old 120GB SSD any more than I already do.

Tl;Dr Is there a program that enables moving files around in the file browser like how it works on a desktop?
And a bonus if I can have it disabled by default and tic a box to enable it for a specific folder.

dont think so. if there is then it would have been known by everybody.

It just seems like something soo obvious.

Like you go into a folder, by default everything is in "Details" view, then you can click a checkbox that turns on icon mode and "grid mode" .... I'm not crazy for wanting this, right? Because I have never in my life heard anyone else who wanted this, too.

with proper management it doesnt become an issue.

HadnĀ“t XP the possibility to turn off the grid in folders of?
Never used XP that much, I went ...98-Vista-7 so yeah.

Because I am anal and have like 10 billion folders, I have taken to numbering my important folders. If you add the prefix "01.foldername", it rises to the top of the stack. I also took a page from MacOS, Colored files, to create custom Icons for important stuff too. I use Junior Icon Editor to convert 256x256 Photoshop.png into icons.

i sort my server by folder.

-This is where i store my documents
-Teksyndicate, etc
-The tek

basically like this.

OSX can do this.

You could also achieve something very similar with virtual desktops in windows 10.