Desktop help. Uh, whut buy?

Looking at doing a new desktop. Though new can be subjective, I’d like to think that Ryzen, POWER9, FX, almost anything is on the table really. But theres justification in that as well.

Budget is 300 to 900. I’m not exactly keen on doing a whole platform jump as I have 16GB of DDR3 on hand and I would rather not pay 160-200 bucks for fucking ram. I already have a GPU and PSU, though SuperNOVA G3 850w’s are on sale locally from over stock. Well, supposed over stock.

I have some thoughts on other stuff too. Like, if I were to go up to 2000 dollars I’d honestly rather get an AmigaONE or TALOS machine rather than an over priced X86 machine just because the architecture is worth it to me. Even going near 1500 I’d just dump the extra 100 and get an Asus GL702ZC and sell my 8GB 580 since I wouldn’t have a use for it anymore.

I’m looking at boards and most of them are christmas tree’s. I’d rather not have any lights in my case (the RGB on my 580 for the gigabyte logo annoys me enough glowing out the front of my current mac pro) nor any stupid glass, let alone a window. Just… a box to do things with.

I know, how boring.

CPU is easy. 6c12t minimum. Seems everyone is doing that now (thank god) but there is one exception that borders on braindead. FX 9590’s are 70 bucks and would do what I want.

Thats also where the 300 bucks minimum comes from. For about 300 bucks I can have a decent FX system and have a massive step up from my 2007/8 era xeons that I have now.

OK aremis, so if your box is doing fine now then why upgrade? You like bullshit found in a rain gutter!

I do! However I have problems with newer apps looking for instructions that aren’t there. For example, Dirt Rally takes 20 minutes to get to a course because the main menu uses an instruction that was introduced in the Core i chips in 2011 or 2012. You can use older chips and there IS a work around, but it will just take 20 minutes because the animation behind the damn menu with be at -5FPS. Other apps cause problems as well ATM, thats just the best example I have.

Anyways. IDRC if its AMD or intel, but if I go over 900 I might as well do a GL702ZC, and if I go over that I might as well do a Talos. I’m a linux user blah blah blah.

Also don’t care if its prebuilt or custom. Everything is on the table.

Just help me ok lol.

6c/12t that uses DDR3 sounds like either retired server parts or older HEDT. So something along the lines of X58/X79/C60x chipsets.

I just need the threads. IDRC what it is tbh.

Gunna look at a local recycle place. I forget that they have desktops.

Will report what I find. I know workstation class and above kinda stuff. Not exactly well rounded in normal consumer hardware without a lot of research.

As you probably know, if you are planning on running a GPU in an old server or workstation pc, make sure to check for compatibility with that system. I have heard of people having problems getting GPUs to run on old workstations.

I know RAM prices suck, but if you plan on going new and have a PSU and case, I would look at Ryzen. That would get you the core and thread count you are looking for, and should be in budget, especially if you have some “auxillary” components on hand.



Hmm not too sure about that, FX cpu´s are exally pretty terrible as far as ipc,
and per core performance is concerned.
It wont be that much better probablly.
FX9590 is a pointless cpu, because it consumes an tremendous amount of power,
and its still not really a great cpu as for todays standards.
And as far as mobo choice with that cpu is concerned, you are kinda limmited aswell.
The only two boards that kinda could run that chip well,
are the Asus Crosshair V Formula Z or the Asrock 990FX Extreme 9.
So yeah i would say just skip on the FX9590.

I kinda go with @w.meri suggestion, X79 would probablly be the platform to go if you still can find parts for a reasonable price.
Then you could re-use your ddr3 memory.