Desktop GPU on a Laptop: Razer Blade Stealth & Razer Core Thunderbolt 3 Graphics Dock | Tek Syndicate

Wendell runs a Radeon RX 480 using the Razer Core thunderbolt 3 dock on the Razer Blade Stealth laptop. Check out the video for all the details.

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To participate in the contest: tweet a question or comment during the August 22nd chat to @Tek Wendell or @teksyndicate primary twitter account using #thunderbolt3graphics in at least one of your tweets. The chat begins at 7pm eastern time/4pm pacific time. The entries will be collected and a winner selected at random.

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The real question is, with the new annoucnement of Desktop class GPU's in notebooks, will you be able to do an SLI of 2 1060's with razers New "new" blade posted earlier today. That would be really cool :)

considering its Nvidia...nah

than the really real question is

will somone put a full dekstop RX480 in a Laptop?
Can you Crossfire that?

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Vega internal + Vega external?

Im just trying to find a reason why i would want to buy this now, becuase ultimately it seems a little silly when Companies are just going to bake the full fat GPU's into laptops to have an external box for graphics

different use cases

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Recylcing B-roll footage in the same video is sooooooooo lame.

They did fit a full 980 with similar TDP, the real problem will be heat. I think they could put an RX 470 mayhaps, that's close enough to a 480 for me.

1060's don't SLI at all.

The Idea is to have a thin and light ultrabook on the road and a gaming machine at home.

Niche use case but I could see college students liking it or maybe field engineers pairing it with a quadro

I recently bought a razer blade stealth (just the ultrabook) to go back to school, I'm super stoked it's going to be a super awesome laptop I hope that I can show off to all my friends (who are also pc nerds). I'm also gonna enter the giveaway, imagine if I win and have a second stealth, I'd be kicking myself in the teeth for spending $1,500 CAD on a laptop and then getting a second one free, but at the same time I'd be even more stoked cause then I have the core and 480 to match my blade, don't know what that would mean for my mid range desktop but......... hey the future's crazy.

Hey there, amazing video!
But can you please try to load Linux on it and install all the necessary drivers and try to get the Razer Core working too; that would be amazing!

no public thunderbolt 3.0 drivers exist for the pci-e interface on linux yet. supposedly the XPS 13 Developer Edition laptop will have a linux driver for thunderbolt 3 when it comes out. but the current open source drivers only support power and networking functionality.

personally the razer core is nice but the $500 price tag makes it completely useless junk. also I think the smaller docks like.

^ this one shown at IDF 2015 that has a AMD r9 M385 will prove to be more popular since they can fit in the bag with your laptop.

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Even when @wendell isn't at his desk he is behind a monitor. XD

No linux? a great laptop wasted...

Very cool tech in that you can upgrade your video card for your laptop easily giving a longer life to your laptop purchase. Also say you are going on a trip well it is easier to bring all this than many ATX and EATX cased computers. Finally if you want to say take your video card from out of the graphics dock and use it in a regular pc you can do that.

I would love to see some productivity testing. Instead of thinking of it as a gaming device, think of it as a productivity one. Render times OpenCL workloads and such. Could you fit a FirePro or Quadro instead of a gaming card. Heck what of the Intel Phi Coprocessor for scientific workloads? What of other PCIe cards, RAID controllers, 10 Gig network adapters some other purpose other than gaming???

The "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media"-Icon in my system-tray gives me the option to remove my GPU (which the monitor is plugged into), didn't dare to try it yet, but would Windows actually try to 'safely' remove my GPU or is it just a bug that my GPU is listed there?

Really could have made it clearer that the giveaway is only open to US Residents.