Desktop gaming lights

So I'm looking for some fairly cheap - preferably LED - gaming lights to stick under my desk and behind my monitors, that kinda thing, however the only ones i can find is the Mad Catz ones, and they're just too expensive per light for me.

However, it is something like that i want, I don't care about software - like effects when i'm shooting and stuff, I just want the lights, and preferably blue ones. If you know any, that would be a great help - thanks.

check out some old threads about making your own LED lighting loops from scratch, they explain how to do it cheap, and make it reliable. 

You've got a link?

thanks to Zoltan for being awesome

Something to maybe get those creative juices flowing:

Those... are... AWESOME :P yeah, something like that is what I'm looking for, still a little pricey, but maybe it's just not possible to find anything cheaper?

I don't think you will find anything like this. I mean, guys had to kickstart the thing. I doubt they would bother if someone else did this before them.

I just use a LED rope light and stick it on the side of my desk that way you got indirect lighting.

Do you have a link for something like that? Also, can i plug that into the wall, or only into a molex on the PSU? (as I don't know where you live) and you plug it in the wall also you can get it in virtually any size.

Haha, fair enough :P thanks

You can get them dirt cheap on Ebay aswell.
Not sure about the quality or import costs but hey, it's <12$ for 5m.