Desktop Gaming Build Help $500-$650

I've been looking around for desktop gaming builds but can't find anything, so i came here to see if someone can help. I want to be able to play Minecraft, Battlefield 3, Black Ops 2, Far Cry 3, Planetside 2, etc., at high fps. And my budget is $500-$650. It would be cool if you can use Thanks

Do you want to go APU Based?..Or have a dedicatedd GPU?

Dedicated GPU:




No doubt that others could do better, but this is the best I could do, best to wait and see what other people have to say.

The GPU build looks pleasing, but i'm going wait to see others. Thanks

Also, here is my thinking for chosing the 7870 Ghz Edition over the 660TI.,3401.html#xtor=RSS-182 this is a $600 build but for another $50 add a 7870 over a 7850 for the GPU.


Duncan 600$ build is okay, even thought it uses an i3 so I am wondering if that will cause a freaking bottlenecking since its an Dual-Core and also Intel is ditching most of their current Sockets, even Socket 2011 would probavly get ditched and they are going now for Intergrated CPU's... There is a  better build for 600$ that can do same things just better. Here we go:

With the build that I am suggesting you can play Battlefield 3 at 1080p resolution with 40-60 frames per second at Ultra Preset graphical details, if you overclock it a bit (CPU and GPU) you can play it most likely 1080p60+fpsUltraPreset and if you are going to record fraps will take 9-11 frames when you are recording at full resolution with sound. Anyway AMD "Richland" APU's are out next month on March 19 in USA, from what I read the CPU's will be 40% faster and APU's also except on the top of the line...

A10 6800k APU Radeon HD 8660D will have 40% faster CPU and 20-25% faster APU/IGP compared to A10 5800k from "Trinity" lineup.

AMD A10 5800k APU costs the same as this Intel 3220 that is dual core. Also games from 2012 are using 4 cores better than 2 cores so you will have problems and i3 3220 wont use full potential of Radeon HD 7xxx GPU's so I am wonder why Duncan did this, I am puzzled. o.0?

I was going going to do that build but I changed my mind and came to teksyndicate to see what other people think is a good build, but thanks.

You have a put there about Duncans build, I like the build you setup. I think i might go with that, and i'll probably wait a couple months after the AMD Richland comes out to add on to the setup you provided. Thanks alot man.

No problem... Duncan made himself a fool my making that build... I feel pity for him.

Richland is out next month in USA, march 19. Get it like 3 months after when prices go down after they make a better manufacturing process for it, I will beat an i5 3570k in gaming even with same GPU's if you do Dual Graphics on your AMD. A10 6800k FTW!

One more question, what monitor do you suggest?


Why are people reccomending apus for 600$ thats stupid.....

will beat it by so much.

I see people reccomending the apus all the time 4000$ build herp derp apu.. You say that richland is better then the i5 3570k how can you say that if you dont even have the cpu in your hands.

Ehone, that build was fine... But the APU is better, really. Anyway my 600$ is a really quality build, it will last and you can upgrade it. We will find out next month how "Richland" APU is good, it will probavly beat i5 3570k with same Radeon HD 7670 dedicated GPU just because you can go dual graphics with "Richland" A10 6800k  since its APU is Radeon HD 8660D. Also it may even go Dual Graphics from a more higher end Radeon HD 7xxx GPU since "Richland" APU's will have wider support for Dual Graphics(Hybrid Crossfire X).

My build spends atleast 271 to up to 350 tops if overclocked and under a full load, it has an 430W power supply so it will handle Richland APU just fine. It will use more watts that Trinity because of newer stronger GPU and stronger CPU and APU. Actually I wouldt be suprised if AMD pulls of an option to do Dual Graphics with Radeon HD 8xxx series if possible even thought unlikely but it would be nice...

If you got the cash you can avoid APU route but its reccomended, since you can spend more money on better monitor, a gaming keyboard like Saitek Cyborg V5 to V7 (now Mad Catz since they bought Saitek :S). Dont buy razer, it costs more than it really is worth.

Im currently tryin to build with this price range I have serveral options available. Since i have been looking for over a month that tax refund DD is taking forever lol. But anyways here is full list of builds i have

Enjoy adjust accordingly im caniballizing some old computers for parts lol like HDD. Like Logan says a Beige Optical Burners are faster then the black ones.

The apu in dual graphics is not better then the 7870 lol.

It is in the 7770 to 7870 we are talking about 600$ not 400 or something.

A ssd in a gaming build for 600$ doesnt make sense and no that build aint better.

you are talking about upgrade paths.

get a AM3+motherboard and you have more upgrade path.


BTW think about the a8 and a10 it wasnt much of a diffrence...

Also he is not playing 1080p he is playing 720p.

And he says himself that he overclocked his cpu to 4.2 ghz

While the 7870 can run 1080p while recording 60 fps.

He dint overclock it... He used a boost, overclocking is different rather than an optional boost option... What ever... Its still great and my 600$ build has an SSD and great cooling and power supply. Look at my build, also it has an 2133Mhz DDR3 RAM and a 2Gb Radeon HD 6670 and Battlefield 3 uses 2gb if it can so that means higher framerate. You know what, buy this build overclock it to hell and lets see what happens with Battlefield 3...


Umm do your research the 7870 in 1080p plays 60 fps ultra.

While his system overclocked the same as you plays on 40 fps.

on 720p

Why are we even arguing over whats better its clear what is better.

He overclock it for just 100mhz... On boost A10 5800k is at 4.1Ghz, he could go 4.5Ghz... Its just a slight overclock. Anyway he has a 1Gb Radeon HD 6670 and not a 2Gb model. I dont know what RAM mhz is, probavly an 1866 while he could get an 2133 for 45-55$. My build costs because it has an aftermarket cooler, an SSD, Rosewill mini atx case with an USB 3.0 support... You are just bitching because it costs 595,45$ while you dont look at components that it has... Do you want an unreliable or reliable build? People dont want to have their PC's go into flames because of cheap ass power supply or their hard drive dies in just 5 to 8 months rather than in 2 or 3 years or more... >_>

Uses a antec power supply says a xfx power supply is bad.

Jokes on you.

And seagate and WD are about the same so yeah you know your wrong.

A 64gb ssd is not needed for gaming and were talking about gaming so you are wrong in every way.