Desktop environment for OBS on remote server? Does it work?

I have setup a multistream server with Ubuntu 14.04 nginx and rtmp module like Wendell did in his video on Youtube and so far everything works pretty good in my virtual machine. I am curios now how I can achieve the same on a remote server since they don't offer a desktop environment to run OBS properly. Of course I can still install everything via ssh but how do I solve the part where the scenes are setup with the four rtmp streams without a DE?

I tried using xrdp but it didn't work as intended since OBS doesn't even start. Any help would be very much appreciated.

It would be great if he could do a video tutorial for this

I would be interesting into streaming to a VPS with Nginx/rtmp

Not sure if its possible , but it would be nice to live stream
with a 5 minute delay , this way I could buffer it to do 720p
higher quality since my live stream connection can only
handle 480p in "live" mode ...

I only followed the tutorial on youtube:

You can use it to stream just a single stream of course. That's pretty cool if your bandwith is limited since the server does the actual streaming for you.