Desktop cooling an old laptop?

I am just brainstorming here. I have an old laptop that I am considering setting up to run constantly to do whatever after I upgrade (whenever that is). Seeing as how this laptop puts out a fair amount of heat though, I would want to get better cooling set up on this thing if I were going to have it run 24/7. Does anyone have any experience doing this, or seen this done before? I imagine that even an old stock cpu cooler should be able to handle cooling a mobile cpu just fine. The problem arises from actually getting this all up and running. It doesn't really like using an external screen as the main/only screen until after it has booted (ie no bios), so I would need to have the laptop's screen still accessible. I would think that it make it more difficult to do since I can't just rip out the mobo and ghetto rig it into a computer case. I am hoping that someone has some more experience with this than I do.