Deskhacking W11, I wanna break shitw

I will be posting more here soon, very soon, but I wanted to first pop lomething up here that I found from another site.

Apparently to get w11 to install on anything, including a pentium 4, you take the installer file from the w11 iso nd stuff it into the w10 iso.

you now have a fully fledged windows 11 32 or 64 bit installer that is compatible with anything that’ll beot the previous w10 image. This includes crafting boot images for old mac pro’s. Without the tpm garbage.

Now, I’m going to go look at wirdows ame and I’m gunna piss off some microsoft devs.

kek me dadi

And then when I get that shitty xeon in koga I’ll turn it into an 11 ame build server and build parts of windows on a pentium 4.

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