Desk surface teksyndicate

Hello dear teksyndicate,

when you guys do close ups of some products I always like the surface it is on. It is a gray matte ribbled Surface? What is it? I think it looks great and I would like one too, it would fit my build and peripherals very nicely.

Also, recently saw the round table discussion with wendell, qain and logan and really loved the dynamica of the conversation. Would love to see this more often. It would be even more awesome if you could include Pistol more into the Tek with her view on things. 

And did you guys buy an ncase m1, the crowdfunded case? I don't know if you did some coverage on it already so sorry if you did. Anyway I would like your(teksyndicate) opinion on this kind of community driven products. I think they are great and drive innovation forward, so I hope these kind of things will happen a lot more in the future. Don't really find what you are looking for in available products? No problem, hook together on a forum, exchange ideas, come up with something and contact a manufacturer about it.

Have fun on Pax! Try to get some more info on that everquest MMO if you can, the movement looks awesome.

Greetings from Europe.

This is what i think they are using

just cut to size

Alright cool thanks. But I live in Europe and we don't have a homedepot/ I'll figure something out myself then :p