Designs: Pistol asked for a T-shirt

@Pistol "Anyone want to help me come up with some Pistol tshirt design ideas?"
. . . . . . . . .Tek Syndicate members, let's step up to the challenge!

This is not about me. I figured this thread would be a good place for her to review submissions. It's so Steph can have a place to consolidate the art and to get a better look at your work so she can decide. Twitter sucks for viewing art.

These are my feeble attempts. Please keep in mind that I don't waste my time doing print ready art until a design is approved. These are quick and rough comps. Because I have OCD (obsessive compulsive designing), There is no way I can sleep if there is an idea rattling around in my head.

Idea 1. Face + Tattoo.
I don't like it yet. If she likes I'll rework it. Moving on...

Idea 2. Pistol's pistols.
I thought this was too clever, obvious and didn't have high hopes... until I drew it up.
Now I kind of like it more than I thought I would.
Somehow it has a delicate feel that is appropriate for a killer lady.

Idea 3. Pistol Centerfire.
I was thinking about how Steph calls her Twitch contributors her 'Ammunition'.
I think this is subtle and bad ass at the same time.
It was my favorite, but #2 is growing on me.


Draw, Sketch, Composite, Submit!

Even if you are not a good artist, you may have good ideas.
If you ask me nicely, I can try to clean up your rough sketch sent in for @Pistol.

Out of the three, #2 is my favorite.

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rofl, i dont think she wants to be on a shirt. creeps.


.#2 by far

weird if you start a post with # it just increases the font size....

Having a T-shirt with one's own face on it, is somewhat egotistical.

Qail had his face on his vehicle, lol

yeah but I don't think he wore it that much

Could be helpful when drinking, to not forget your own face.

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Something like this but with pistol on it.

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wolf shirts are pretty hip these days, put umbra on one



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It can stay that way to shame my phone

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