Designing software

What are the software i can use to build an online store website? Suggest some options of good software for fast coding speed.

Online store fast without the need of something highly customized usually means wordpress. WooCommerce appears to be the most popular.

Not sure what online anything has to do with Windows (or any specific OS), but ok (because you posted it in the Windows cathegory). Guess you changed that now. ^^

that’s a weird question

but there’s also shopify

then you gotta be a 10x engineer like the tech lead

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or PrestaShop is also popular here.

If you don’t just want to click together stuff but to actually write the shop software yourself Django (Python) is probably a candidate which can handle stuff like online stores easily.


and php or node.js

Wordpress is like the grilled cheese sandwich of the web CMS world. There’s nothing there really, but it’s easy, and provides just enough substance to fool you into thinking you’ve had real food.

That being said, most of my problems with Wordpress aren’t with Wordpress core, but with random crappy plugins doing random crappy things. And there’s a lot of random crappy plugins.

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If you’re going that route you kinda have a whole ocean of stuff to choose from.

The thing is since the only substance to the question was “eCommerce fast now go!”. Custom software kinda contradicts that, I think. Depends on what you wanna make. But unless your goals are very low on this, it’s gonna take you quite some time to build something useful. Especially, if you have to ask a question like that.