Designing a 4x GPU, dual pump watercooling loop w/ EK QuickDisconnect

I am building a professional workstation based on Threadripper Pro to support up to 4x GPUs (see previous thread: Designing a four-GPU Threadripper Pro System)

I am looking to support GPUs that are typically only passively cooled (like an A100) and therefore need a watercooling solution. As this is a professional workstation, I will be swapping GPUs often and therefore am using EK’s Quick Disconnect manifold system. I am using two radiators: 1x 480mm EK-Coolstream XE and 1x 360mm EK-Coolstream XE. I am (attempting) to fit all of this in a Fractal Meshify 2 XL.

As this is my first watercooling loop build, I reached out to EK for design help and this is the schematic for the design they suggested. They recommended using two pumps in parallel to provide increased flow rate as this loop will have a lot of flow restriction.

To be honest, I don’t fully understand the choice between series/parallel and pressure/flow rate, but I figured the folks at EK should know what they’re talking about and just went with it.

(disregard the fact that the schematic shows two 360mm rads)

The problem is that I’m having the damnedest time figuring out how to actually fit all of this in the chassis.

I’ve experimented with many different arrangements. Here’s my current prospective layout, but it’s already very tight, let alone once all the fittings and flexible tubing are in place. It certainly doesn’t help that these radiators are crazy thick.

The other problem with this layout is it requires using the back plate to mount the reservoir. This is a problem because the E-ATX board blocks the typical routing holes for the 24pin mobo power connector, forcing you to come from the top which makes the provided cable too short and otherwise just being in the way of the RAM slots. If I could remove the backplate, I could route the cables around the side of the mobo as usual.

@wendell in your video on the quick disconnect you mentioned potentially doing a two pump setup. I’m curious if you gave any thought to how you’d fit everything?

Overall, I’m looking for feedback from folks on the loop design. How would you design a loop for a system like this?

I am also looking for ideas on how to actually fit and layout the loop in the Meshify 2 XL. Or maybe I should just upgrade the case to a monster like the Corsair Obsidian 1000D?


IF I’m seeing this right, you have 2 pumps + 1 pump-res combo, for fluid flow?

QDCs are a larger connection to fumble with. With the depiction you crafted, addressing these GPU runs, that whole smattering of QDCs on top of one another likely will have ergo difficulties [to release, especially the back column] – if possible, having them at different locations, like Opposing Flows [ex. ) hot side of Distro + cold side of GPU w/ a clearance offset made by 90s + 45s]… See very crude depiction

How bigg of a case are you plotting on?.. I think you’d be needing a lot of case length
Is this distro plate affixed to radiator, or onto the case? How much side clearance is there?
Any drain point(s) planned?

put the pump(s) in the very, very bottom.

If it will help, you can purchase some cable extensions from a place like cablemod ( or similar; so that you can optimally route the cables. Note, it looks like you might be using the Corsair 1600i for a PSU. Their cables have some filtering components at the end of the cable. My guess is the cable extension will slightly degrade that effect, but I doubt it should be of any concern.

Two standalone D5 pumps and one standalone EK-RES X3 150 reservoir.

So I tried mounting all the QDCs and while it’s a little tricky, it’s not impossible either. The fact that they stagger the two rows of holes makes things more manageable.

However, I did realize a separate issue caused by the length of the QDC connectors and the fact that the connectors for the A100 waterblocks come off the end of the block instead of the top: there’s a very short distance between the two that would make it difficult to actually connect them with such a short length of tubing.

I think a better bet will be to mount the manifold to the side of chassis itself, something like this:

So I had tried this many times and could never figure a way to make these big D5 pumps both fit in the bottom area, but you inspired me to try again and had a stroke of genius. I realized that I could mount both pumps to the same bracket with some longer M4 screws.

When they are on the same bracket like that, they miraculously fit quite nicely in the bottom bay area:

We’ll have to see how things go once I actually get fittings on these things and connecting them to the rads, but I’m feeling good about this direction!

Indeed, it is the 1600i. I wasn’t aware of the filtering components, but I was wondering what the rigid portions on the ends of the cables were. Now it makes sense. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I think with the new direction I’m going I should be able to mount around the side of the mobo and avoid the issue with the cables not being long enough.


Just wanted to leave a note to say, thanks for sharing!

Right now, my 3875wx and Asus WRX80 Sage setup is air cooled in a Corsair 7000D airflow so I can actually get work done while waiting for certain parts but I’m planning to eventually move to liquid cooling with the EK manifold and dual pump with a multi-GPU setup like yours. Only difference is I want to try the dual pump top from watercool (Watercool D5-DUALTOP Industrial Line, 99,95 €)

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