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Any thoughts on free software to design and track physical and virtual (/inc containers) devices across the home network? Maybe with auto discovery?

You are looking for the golden goose here … as far as I am aware you will have to break the requirement down to either design or track

For designing, and I assume you mean inventorying phisical and virtual assets you may look into

There’s a learning curve, but for sure you can do some auto discovery of the physical assets , that you can then augment with graphical layouts of rooms and wiring:


If you also include monitoring in the tracking part of the discussion, then for everything other than containers librenms may be something you want to have a look at. It definitely has auto discovery, but it won’t let you build a physical rack layout if that’s what you are looking for

On the other hand, it will provide you with comprehensive views like this one:

and it will happily collect/monitor data from your network connected devices
![image2017-10-12 15_50_58|720x206]

What a pity… I thought the industry would have advanced more by now… ok then. I’ll run a couple of independent apps and integrate myself :+1:t2:

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