Describe your dream laptop

We're looking for the way it looks, the hardware (keep it realistic, so no 50 GHz CPUs), the OS, and the plugs, ports, charger cable, etc.

Aside from those slight limitations, anything passes - any size, shape, color, and so on.  Patents don't matter (So yes, it doesn't need to be a Mac to be a wedge on this forum topic.

It can be a regular everyday use laptop, a mobile workstation, a gaming laptop, an ultrabook, or whatever.

Here's what my dream laptop would be:

  • Black/purple color-changing brushed aluminum unibody chassis
  • Glowing "NC99" symbol on back of lid (pic here:
  • Running Windows 8
  • Touch screen
  • Trackpad
  • Backlit keyboard with blue backlight color
  • Stereo Skullcandy Supreme Sound system with subwoofer
  • [email protected] 13-inch high-density LCD screen
  • XFX/AMD Radeon 7750 Core Edition
  • Intel Core i7 4th Gen non-overclocked
  • One DisplayPort output port, one DVI output port
  • Five USB 3.0 slots
  • One internal one-terrabyte SATA 6GB/s SSD (I don't see why that wouldn't be possible...  Just need to make it bigger.)
  • 8GB of DDR3 2,000MHz Overclocked RAM
  • Mini water-cooling system
  • Battery covers almost the entire underside of the laptop, and protrudes from the back, similar to some Dell Latitude battery setups
  • DVD RW Dual-layer compatible/CD RW/Ultra Speed/Blu-Ray RW Optical drive
  • Cyan accent lighting around perimeter of entire laptop, around perimeter of keayboard, and around perimeter of trackpad
  • Fingerprint reader for quick sign-in
  • built-in stereo microphone/[email protected] webcam
  • One power button (duhh)
  • And last but not least, one power cable socket with a power kill-switch (for an easy hard-shutdown in case of a virus or something).

What would your dream laptop be?  Have fun.

Eurocom panther 5D maxed out.

But in all reality keeping it serious. I would have a desktop for gaming and then a laptop with an insanly fast i7 and possibly raid 0 SSDs. 1080p. no need for high end gpus because this thing isn't meant for gaming. This thing is meant to fly.

Dual 8 core Xeons, maybe a 1TB or two of Crucial M500 SSDs (the 960GB variants), a 2560x1440p IPS, 15" (it is easily done), and no keyboard, but a mounting option for my Poker II (would be external). Solid aluminum construction, and clean edges.

I'm not trying to be funny, but a reasonably priced Macbook Pro (maxed out 15" with retina display) would pretty much be all I could want. I'll have my desktop for gaming so the GPU doesn't matter as long as it's good enough to drive that retina display. You can get it with a top notch i7 CPU, 768 GB SSD, plenty of RAM etc. Not to mention, as a second computer, the closed platform can really help the longevity (did I spell that right?) of the machine. I've used some 5 year old macbooks that still ran fast. 

The downside is that would run me about $3500. That's about $1000 (at least) more than I think it's worth :(

Pretty much what I have now, an ASUS something something with a CPU and a GPU, some RAM and stuff and 500GB of HDD storage. It's really all I need for a laptop. The only thing I kind of miss is a second USB 3.0 plug. Yes I don't remember the specs of my laptop.

I want it to have a grill, chopping board and a shot dispenser.

There's no such thing as my dream laptop. Laptops are a necessary evil in cases where using a PC is not possible. Best laptop in the world is incombarably worse than my PC.


Do you carry a huge, bulky PC with you while traveling (if you do alot)?

Are you grilling and drinking while on the go?

too good brennan.

My ideal laptop would be indestructable.

I find even the lowest spec laptop ideal for typical laptop uses.

It's just that the power cable comes loose or the chassis falls apart.

A surface pro (w/keyboard) with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity instead of 1024, that detects pen tilt, costs no more then 800 and works with my art pen. Throw in better battery life and make sure it runs really cool.

I try, I try.

I got a lighter (for the chef's purpose) and I would wander around with a bottle in my hand. So it does add up.

Then get an older thinkpad, they're tanks and there's the X series if you want lighter ones.