Descent: early access

I was playing this on my downstairs PC and my Dau (who just acquired Fallout 4) stopped in mid-stride and remarked how awesome the game looked.
On Linux:
8320e w/ GTX 770
Still buggy but much improved. I was worried early access would mean no updates but these guys have really worked hard to make it work well. Mouse cursor disappears sometimes and it does freeze from time to time. With all that it is my favorite game on Linux and the eye candy is gorgeous in the Skylab map. Campaign mode is not available yet but single player provides quite a challenge and I have not yet tried multiplayer, bots give me all the challenge I want. Ok I kinda suck and don't want to be embarrassed yet either:)
Win 10
A10-7850k igpu 900mhz
Low setting give great gameplay and eye candy is still enjoyable. Fiddling around with graphics setting can give you the look you want and this game will run well on cheap hardware. Stability so far is rock solid.
Is it worth the 20 bucks I spent? Absolutely! This is a fun game with potential to be truly a great game. It deserves a better review then my meager attempt.....hint.....hint.
Anyone else with experience with this game please feel free to post your experience is with it. I would hate to recommend this game and someone with different hardware buy it and be disappointed. It is early access