so i've heard of demanoid as a torrent/private forum but have no personal experience with it. wikipedia says it's down right now. anybody know anything about that cares to share their knowledge about what exactly it is and if it's currently up. (not asking for an invite if that's how you were to get on it or whatever, just information)

here's an article that came out about it a couple months ago

Demonoid was a Bittorrent racker that used to be private. You had to have an account to upload/download from there, which required an invite. Generally, it used to be quite legit stuff and you didn't really have to worry about much. Near its death though, they lifted the membership requirement. They slowly became more popular, gained crappy torrents, and had to use ads to stay alive due to increased trafic. It was discovered by its local government and shut down.

mm yeah my brother told me about it he was one of the members but didn't really elaborate on it more than that. Forums sounded interesting, do those still run? or were those shut down along with everything else?


I never visited the forums. I wasn't even aware that they had forums. But the whole domain and site were shut down, so I assume that include these forums.

Demonoid was about as public as a private tracker can go and that's what killed it.

Demonoid was the greatest torrent site ever. TPB is the poster boy, but Demonoid was truly epic.

It was a semi-private tracker, probably the only one. Torrents posted there could leverage public pools or the internal "invite only" userbase. Pre times were often comparable to scene sites. Ratio was loosely tracked, but no rules were ever made regarding keeping it at above a certain level. Invites and member cap were unlimited, so the userbase was huge. It was safer then a public tracker, but not nearly as safe as an exclusive private tracker. 

Demonoid is well known for long spells of down time and bouncing right back. I'd give it a 50/50 chance of returning in the next year or so.


I really liked Demonoid, mainly since it was a little more "private" then TPB and it kept track of download/upload stats and you had a incentive to keep at least a 1.00 ratio.

I have an account. havent been there for a while tho so idk if it's still up

it's dead, the government in the country they were hosted in came in and shut them down.

the fourms were mainly used for requests and maybe reporting bad torrents.

Demonoid was awesome. It sucks that they are gone now