Delta fans on a cpu heatsink?

Recently I've heard a bit about delta fans because of how powerful they are. Does anyone know how well they work when pushing air against a heatsink? (I use the Xigmatek dark knight night hawk)

I mean, if you like your computer being 65dB the entire time it's on, go for it lol

Delta fans are typically used in servers. They are designed to run at very RPM and push a stupid amount of air.

They are incredibly loud. (well have more of a whine when undervolted)

Not the sort of thing you want to be near to 24/7 if you like to hear people talk...

Great fans but if you want to use them you better have your PC sitting in a ventalated closet or something that will dampen the noise they produce.

They are made for servers where noise isn't an issue.

If you don't mind your computer sounding like a vacuum cleaner you can go for it tho.

At my workplace you can hear them through the wall if you are close enough.Thats how loud they are.


I use to have an alpha heatsink with a delta fan. It was loud as fuck.

Since noise seems to be a troublesome issue, rather than using their 250CFM fans would using their less powerful 100-150CFM fans be an option as they are a good 10d BA quieter. If I were to play games with a headset (in this case turtle beaches) would using this fan be an option?

ps. I just want to get a good idea of this fan without actually buying it so there will be lots of questions.

Any of their fans I can recommend from a cooling standpoint when fin density isn't very high on your heatsink/radiator. For the price, I would pick up 2 of the FFB1212EH-PWM and stick them both in the CPU fan headers, since they are PWM fans you can use the motherboard to control their speed based on temperature.