Dell XPS 13/15, X1 Carbon or?

Hey peeps,

New job said I could pick any laptop I want, so I think I will chose a high-end ultrabook. I can field any other request, but it seemed to me the best options were Dell XPS 13 or 15 or the X1 Carbon. Requirement is really only 4 PCIe lanes for an eGPU (RX 580) and good Linux support (I use Arch).

I am a Systems Engineer and will do some local testing, but everything is hosted in one of the big 3 cloud providers and I don’t imagine I will build much on my machine. I have used either a P51 or T480 at my current job and do like Lenovo products, but it seems the Dell has a better keyboard and trackpad. I will work most often with it docked, but sometimes I do venture out and use the device itself, so it is important to have something with a good KB/trackpad.


  • Is the 15 inch Dell any less portable? I am roughly 5’10"/178 cm so neither large nor small, but I have always thought the 14 inch laptops from Lenovo were perfect sized.
  • Are there any other laptops I should consider?
  • Any personal experience to share? I can not find the Dell in store to test (in Germany).

Edit: Being able to charge the device via USB Type C is also an advantage. I image I would drive it with my Razor Core often.

Framework Laptop? I’d take that if its a possibility. Unsure if you could get it now over at EU. Lots of tech youtubers seem to like it including our beloved overlords and LTT.


It looks like eGPUs work with the same enclosure I have (Razer Core X), but I couldn’t quickly find out if it was a x2 or x4 configuration. But I too am fond of the Framework laptop… it’s in consideration :slight_smile:

Edit: I have until December 1st since Germany loves contracts with crazy notice periods

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