Dell Vostro 430 built-on ethernet not working

After a Windows 10 update, my Dell Vostro 430’s Broadcom Gigabit ethernet port has stopped working. I also experienced a “Driver power state failure” BSOD (maybe related to issue).
This computer is relatively old and drivers for the ethernet port is technically not fully supported by Windows 10.

Should I just ditch the built-in ethernet and pick up an Intel Gigabit NIC PCI 1x ? Is there going to be Windows 10 drivers for this NIC?

Motherboard specs: Here


2 problems.

1: Its a Vostro.

2: Broadcom / windows.

Now outside of standard meme’s of shame, go grab 3DP Net and install the driver it provides for your eth card. Ignore the bundleware and just get to the app and click on the listing for your chipset. It’ll bring you to either their storage site or drivercab. Either will do, but they’ll have the up to date driver. You might have to go to device manager and uninstall the drvers, so be aware of that.

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No luck with drivers, I already have the most up-to-date drivers. 3DP Net works well though when detecting the hardware.
Maybe I should get the Intel Nic I linked above?

Seems broadcom is shit in the windows world too huh… Yeah, I would.

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