Dell T610 cant install windows after making a raid

hay i have a dell T610 server and im trying to install windows server 2012R2 but the installer wont show the raid

you need to copy the driver to a usb stick and load the driver from the usb stick

i have looked for a driver online but i cant find one that the windows installer will recognize, do you happen know where to find a driver or make the windows installer see it. i have a PERC 6/i raid card

looks like dell recommends installing OS using the lifecycle.
Seems it loads the drivers for you .
Never tried it this way myself as Its VMware or linux.
Gone are the days of microsoft being a host OS.

Lifecycle controller makes it really easy to install the OS.

wth is lifecycle? dell specific?

Yes, I don't know about other brands, but I would not be surprised if they had something similar.
Lifecycle controller or LCC as it is also called is an embedded device that helps it administrators manage, monitor, update and deploy the server.

Here are some linkes with more information about the LCC

A PERC6 is hardware RAID and does not need a driver to show up in the Windows installer. Check your RAID config to make sure your virtual disks are set up properly.