Dell sell Ubuntu Alienwares!

Dell has recently unveiled their new Gaming PCs with Ubuntu Pre-installed with an entry price of $600 which is too expensive if you compare it to a Console (PS3) and really cheap for an Alienware  and also really cheap compared to what apple offers in the same price range for computers. (Mac Mini) I have chatted with their support and they told me that it is upgradable and it comes with a 465W PSU and they said it was replaceable with non-alienware PSUs. However, The guy said it was "the same as Mini ATA" I've looked around and "Mini ATX PSUs" don't exist, there's "Minini ITX", he could of meant that you can put in a standard ATX PSU in there because you can put in a standard ATX PSU in Mini ATX Cases. But we won't know for sure untill somebody cracks it open.

I know this community is full of people that are into building their own, but this would be good for LAN parties. Also, having an Alienware is kinda a fashion statement like buying Hats in TF2 (but more expensive) and if you don't like the direction of Windows 8, this is a perfect way to vote with your wallet.

As for myself, I can't afford this, but it would be awesome to have just by the fact it's an Alienware (though they're overpriced) and you're supporting an alternative platform and adding more competition to the Desktop Market that Microsoft is trying to turn into a tablet due to the success of mobile devices. But Desktop people will alwas buy a Desktop and the everyday angry birds playing will always use a smartphone and maybe a $350 Laptop for work.


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alienware is still terrible... but better than mac... mac would like you to think their shit can game, but it really can't... at least alienware isn't 3 generations behind on their desktop hardware. the guy at support was bulshitting you... it probably is mini itx, but the case just looks like a processor oven to me...

Thay can keep them too lol

GAH! It always makes me froth at the mouth when I see companies selling "Gaming PCs" that have high end CPUs but GPUs that can't play modern games on reasonable settings. It's no wonder PC gaming has a reputation as being for people who want to pay a ton of money for sub par performance. Still, it is nice to see a giant like dell giving some love to Linux.

Like I said "Expensive for a Console, but cheap for Mac". You shouldn't have a problem with this if you bought a PS3 at launch or a gaming Laptop. OEMs aren't all ripoffs and even if you look at the overpriced machines in Walmart. Those OEMs don't make as much money as you think, they have to pay an engineer to design the motherboard, get foxconn to make it, design a case, pay to ship it to walmart and pay walmart a cut and they're lucky to get paid $30 per computer and consoles are worse, they're sold for less than they cost to make with the faith that will buy enough brand new games to get them out of the red.

Also, I see Dell's build quality with airflow in it's Alienware line to be better than most Walmart Laptops, but not as good as a Thinkpad. People that buy that preimum pay for quality.

buying alienware as a fashion statement ?

how about a modding kit ?


Well, I see the Alienware as a real Rolex and something that you whiped together as a knockoff or as a regular watch that's trying to be cool. I don't judge people that buy cheap $8 watches and call them cheap or call people that buy Rolexes stupid for spending $5,000 on a watch. When I see a guy with a Rolex, I don't think "OMG, you're such an idiot", I think "You have a Rolex! You must be somebody important".


It's a Status symbol. Like I said, "Like Hats in TF2, but more expensive".

Yes but rolex doesnt have shitty customer support and they arent made from sub quality parts.

Good counter-point, (I knew I should of used Jordans instead of Rolexes in my analogy) but this is mostly about the form factor. You can't really get a case like that anywhere and it uses a riser card for the video card. to keep it nice and slim.


It's still a decent machine the pricing maybe $200 more than what you're paying for if you don't count the case, but some people are willing to pay a little extra for that form-factor. I see it as a better solution than a Gaming Laptop for LAN Parties, and be smaller than the Bitfenix Prodigy build.

I currently have a "Studio" PC from dell. A quad-core processor, but a 128MB. GPU. :(

i don't mind alienware, would be better if it wasn't so overpriced but w/e

its the only pre built where you get a cool case

i've always wanted to get my hands on one of those cases and mod it out to be my server

i seen the most epic case at my local store but its $300!!!

Not a fan of alien ware, but it does show me something.


Ubuntu is breaking into the market, hard and is going to kick some ass.  It's going to be a process of years, but I think microshit has "alienated" enough companies, people, and businesses with their sub-par sometimes over priced software that people want something else.


I see Linux in the next few years, breaking into the enterprise scene hard, and the government won't be far along (My current state of Ohio, wants Microsoft Cert's only, not a goverment unix system in the state as far as I know).  The GNU/Linux ecosystem is becoming bigger, and it has something that Apple and Microsoft doesn't.  Passionate developers, a Passionate user base.  Who needs a marketing department?

I know Ubuntu isn't as popular with some hardcore folks, and it isn't the most popular distro (Mint according to DistroWatch), yet Ubuntu becoming so well renown, can only pave the way for more people migrating so a superior OS.  Then and only then, when they've got a scary hold of the market share, will Microsft and Apple finally be force to actually compete.

Its good news for everyone.

inb4 for GNU/Linux... Don't be that guy.  You know that guy...

they don't make custom mobos, they just use standardized models, that they are already producing. trust me, my desktop at home is an OEM with a gene II mobo in it. and my laptop also has a standardized mobo. plus, that is a desktop, desktops are supposed to have ggod airflow...

Don't care much, will rather build a desktop PC myself after a supported hardware list for a Linux system. If it is laptops i usually crosscheck with the FreeBSD FLCL before buying.

But more official support for linux from a computer company is always a good thing. Hope it is going to be a succes as long as I don't have to buy it ;)

The X-51 is one of the rare exceptions where Alienware actually is not much of a rip-off.  This is simply because you are paying for that form factor.  Good luck trying to put together a system the same form factor as the X-51.  And even if you succeded, the X-51 would have been far less of an effort.  Most gamers are gamers, they are not all hardware enthusiasts looking for a form factor challenge.  When you consider all that, this particular Alienware model is a fair offer.  I still would not buy it personally though.

You are a fool. Your comments anger me commodore256. Buying an Alienware is nothing like buying a Rolex watch, or as a you say, a "fashion statement." When you buy a Rolex you are paying for a quality product that has had serious thought and craftsmanship go into it. Not to mention the raw material value (gold, diamonds, silver, etc.) Just because someone owns a Rolex (or an Alienware) doesn't mean that they are important, nor do I think they are important. I'm 16-years-old and I own a Rolex that my grandfather gave to me in his will, I would not call myself important because of that. Rant over.

Agreed with lllGamebrakrlll. There are cases you can buy for way cheaper that look nicer and are better quality, you just have to look for them. I am not surprised Alienware is jumping on the Ubuntu bandwagon, but it is nice to see that a pre-build is using Linux instead of Windows for once.

I feel your pain. All these companies have the public thinking the CPU is more important, advertizing how many cores or GHz this model may have( i.e. a 3770K), then having a low end card in a smaller print( i.e. a 7770 or 650 Ti). A 3770K+650 Ti/ 7770 isn't that bad of a gaming setup, but you're paying over $800-900 for it. That's just BS.

I'm guessing he was saying a fashion statement within kids. Most kids these days think Alienwares and/ or Macs are the coolest things to have, or that they are high-end. Just say Alienware near some "gamers" and their ears will perk up.