Dell R720 PCIe to SATA adapter - will it work?

From what I’ve found online 12th series PowerEdge servers don’t have the required firmware to boot from PCIe on NVME. As there is no bifurcation support.
However I’m trying to figure out if I can use a PCIe m.2 to SSD adapter if this could work for a boot drive or not. Or alternatively PCIe to SSD adapter.

Everything I’m fining online is about making NVME work. With no word on SATA adapters.

Some adapters are strictly over the PCIe bus. Some have SATA cables you can plug into the adapter board then into the motherboard.

Will either of these work? Original question on Reddit.

I used a 2 drive PCIe card with an m.2 sata drive to boot and NvME m.2 as L2ARC in my R720. The card I have does have a SATA port and i just connect to one of the SATA ports on the motherboard.

Note that on the 720XD models, the SATA ports on the motherboard are disabled.

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Thank you what card are you using if you don’t mind linking it?
My thinking is you can boot from PCI-e SATA but not PCI-e NVME you may be the proof I needed :smiley:

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One like this

I have a nothing special NvME drive and a WD blue SATA drive in it. The PCIe provides power to both drives and com for the NvME drive.

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