Dell R620 Not Seeing Matching SAS Drives

So I’m trying to set up one of my servers that I kept out of the last lot I sold. Its an R620 with 4 drive bays and something like 300GB ram. Maybe 256? Anyways its a cool machine that I want to use for VM’s. The dual 2.8GHz 10 cores will serve me well… when I can install anything.

See the problem is that I only have those 2 HP SAS drives from my SSD v. SAS experiment, and no other hardware to really test. So IDK if its the machine or the drives. I haven’t been fiddling with the machine recently either, I’m just posting this because I will soon, but I had a thought recently too. Is it possible this machine is SATA only? I wouldn’t THINK so considering the hardware it has but… IDK maybe it didn’t matter when it was new? If anyone knows, please let me know.

I’ll be screwing around with it more when I have time, I just haven’t lately had any to spare. I’ve looked in the bios and in the dell disk utility and in neither do the drives show up. The hardware management panel on the front complains about it not being the original matching drives that came with the machine, but it also doesn’t say that thats a roadblock whe nI look up the code. Its just waiting for a new set of disks to read the status of as far as I know. Is there a configuration somewhere I need to wipe? Or a way to make a new one? And if so, will the disks show up in there?

Thanks for any info.

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