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Dell R410 Won't Sleep

I have a few Dell R410s. Long story short I want them to go to sleep when not in use.

When it is forced to sleep through the terminal it doesn’t wake up. Is there any setting up that could be done to get this functionality?

Any help is appreciated.

It’s primary function is a Plex server, then a networked storage device. If there’s another smoother way to get this going I’m open to suggestions.

Sleep is not just a function of the operating system. The motherboard and power supply have to support it as well, which I highly doubt is available on a server.

The best you can hope for on a server platform like that is idle drive spin-down.

The CPU and other components will enter their lowest power states automatically. You could look at the CPU governor power save settings.

How about shutting the machine down when it’s idle and using wake on lan to boot up when needed?

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