Dell Precision T7500 Case- Potential MOBO compatiblity

So i have a older Precision T7500, and it was working fine for about 2-3 months. Anddddd now it won’t even POST; despite my best efforts. So i’m stuck with 2X LGA 1366 CPU’s and 32GB of ECC DDR3 that won’t go in a consumer PC.

Now iv’e hunted around the internet and can’t seem to find a conclusive answer; some say it’s a custom board. Others say it’s inverted ATX; while other sources say it’s ATX compliant. So i was wondering if anyone had any success installing other motherboards in this thing. I’m looking at a R410 board or supermicro X8DAH as a replacement, and would like to have some indication it’ll work.

I’m also willing to mod the case if that’s what it takes; looking foward to answers and thanks in advance!

Measurements and hole placement for ATX / EATX boards are public knowledge, check Wikipedia and use a ruler / tape measure.

The hard part is the power supply, dell likes to custom wire connectors, so even if they fit, that doesn’t mean the right voltages are where they should be. Could switch to an atx psu too, but really, why reuse the chassis versus getting something from craigs / ebay?

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Honestly it’s more because i like the case, and don’t really mind taking the time or energy to hunt down something compatible if it’ll save me 40-100 dollars.

But yeah i was already thinking of a new PSU; especially since it lacks more than 1 8 pin and the arrangement of wires is weird. Molex is so short it can’t even get down to the board.

Sounds like a project then. If the screw holes don’t line up, that’s nothing a drill and tap set can’t fix. Post some pix if you decide to give it a go.

You should be able to find a broken EATX on ebay for dirt cheap, use it as a template to drill new holes, etc.

Yeah i’ll have to measure the case just to make sure. Should i try to find an EATX tray from a broken case or just drill and tap the holes myself? i feel like the former would mess up the PCI slot alignment.

Got a set of taps and drills you’d reccomend?

I’d modify whatever the case you have is using to hold the motherboard, like you said, to be sure the slots and io area line up.

No idea on drills and taps… whatever’s cheap on Amazon I guess :slight_smile:

Looking here you need a #6-32 tap, and whatever size drill that is. If you have a Fastenal in your town, they usually sell a drill and tap kit, 1-3 taps and the size drill they require. You’ll also need a tap handle to spin the tool with. Check out youtube for tapping holes in sheet steel. From what I recall, it’s go slow, back off often and use plenty of oil / lube.

Alright; thanks!

Christmas bonus should be coming down the tube soon, so hopefully that’ll cover it.

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