Dell Precision 690 budget gamer?

Hi guys.

I have been chasing a second budget gaming rig for home but it just dawned on me, I have a Dell Precision 690 server here which I use for some virtualization education and testing. The box currently has two Xeon 5160's dual core CPU's at a stock clock of 3Ghz and 20GB of DDRII RAM (667mhz I believe).

My question is; if I took the Quadro FX4500 out of it and put in a budget gaming card like a 550 Ti or 7770 would the machine be an alright second gaming rig as well? I am thinking for titles like Max Payne 1, 2, 3, Half-Life 2 and source based games like Portal, TF2, LFD etc?

I also dabble in WoW a little.

What do you think, would it be worth while keeping this rig, using it for work as I do but just swap out the Quadro for something more mainstream?

Also; this might be a really dumb question, but how would my two dual core Xeon's compare to an older mainstream quadcore like the Q6600-Q9500?

Bump, does anyone have any input? (:

Hello Conzo,

The dual 5160's will probably give similar or slightly better performance than a Q6600.

I used to run one of those and the HD6850 I had at the time seem liked a well matched card for it playing Hale-life 2 engine games without problem.



What revision is the board? You may be able to run dual quads which go for $20 a chip on eBay. You should be fine for gaming. I have a 490 that with the right card handles ArchAge maxed out. 

I will have to open it up and have a closer look - thanks!