Dell PowerEdge R730XD to Power my "Tech Stack" // Virtualised FreeNAS etc... Thoughts?

Hi all-

My local Dell supplier is working with me to setup my home “Rack” - getting them to advise and assist re. fire-suppression, cabling best practices etc.

They’ve recommended this for my FreeNAS needs- (not that they actually support it)

However, it does support Redhat Enterprise or XenServer. I would virtualise FreeNAS as long as I could get IOMMU working (unsure!). Will ask for a test unit to evaluate first…

Appreciate thoughts - thanks!

CC: @wendell

2.5" sas drives will not be cheap.

It takes SATA too though. Not going SAS drives.
I’ll go WD Red or Gold depending on total cost (and will source these from Amazon/B&H).

Pretty sure they dont make gold drives in 2.5" form factor…

and the 2.5" Reds dont do so well with a ton of vibrations from high speed fans.

8x SATA drives 3.5" mate - not doing 2.5". That said, I need more room to expand so I need to check with them.

This could work as a short term solution though.

Up to 16 x 3.5” + 2 x 2.5” HDD: SAS, SATA, Near-line SAS SSD: SAS, SATA

Sorry, this is the correct unit @nx2l