Dell p4317Q how to update color profile in Fedora?

Hi all, cc: @wendell - any tips on fixing the color profile in Fedora?

I hadn’t paid much attention (before) but recently I had up on the screen and noticed the creamy-grey background was pink!

My second p4317Q has started to exhibit a weird back light flicker (which Dell tech says cannot be repaired without replacing the entire panel; they found the PSU to be in good order). So I plan to sell this off for whatever I can get, which sucks.

I’ve now ordered 2x U3219Q 32" 4K displays, as personally, I’m happier with the smaller physical footprint.

The large 42" is great for certain tasks (CAD work etc) and I can use my 1x remaining display.

Anyways, any info on fixing this up in Fedora would be great. I couldn’t seem to locate an ICC profile on the Dell site hmm?

Thanks, Mike.