Dell Optiplex charger adapter

Hello everyone!

I have got a cheap Dell Optiplex 7060 MicroFF with no CPU, RAM and PSU, I don’t know if it works. I’m trying to see if it works with the least amount of money. I have a dell laptop PSU that’s 240w and the same voltage, is it possible to use an adapter from 7,4mm to 4,5 plug? I have found such adapter on Amazon (link below).
I know that the Optiplex 7060 has some knowledge about it’s power supply, if you have a higher end CPU and try to use a PSU from a lower end CPU it will stop the boot and show a message with something like “you need 130W PSU”

hopefully someone has some knowledge about these small PCs

link to the adapter

// Fille

I mean the adapter should work, you just need to match the output volts. Not sure it will do anything without cpu/ram maybe it will beep

yeah the voltage is the same, I’m hoping for fanspinn or a beep. Trying to source some RAM and CPU to help with testing

Good Luck

Not always. In many laptop chargers (including Dell’s) there’s a third center pin which is used for communication.

@Tofflan The Dell Mini PC should still turn on with a non-standard power adapter, but it’ll probably throw some errors or run the processor at throttled speeds.

Would the adapter not preserve that ? Its Dell to Dell and I would guess it would still work just probably not as efficiently

I didn’t notice the plug has 3 contacts for connection. if there is a chance that it will start with a non-standard power adapter, I think I will give the adapter/converter a try.

No idea, but only one way to find out!

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mini update

I have received the adapter from amazon. it has no third data/signal pin for communication.
will probably buy a OEM adapter when i get the CPU

In the beginning of the next year I will meet a friend that has a Intel Core I5-8600. I helped him to upgrade his workstatio to a Intel Core I9-9900KF and he has no use for his old any more.

I’m also looking to buy a Dell Optiplex 3050 with a Intel Core I5-7500T that I can use until the 7060 is up and running. The auction ends in a few hours, time will tell.