Dell Optiplex 980 Conversion Issues

I have an optiplex 980 I am trying to put my 370 in and I have the power supply adapter and everything. I put all my ram in as well. The last time I plugged the unit in it complained of a GPU not being present (it had a GT330 that died). Though now with a 370 in and the power to run it it doesn't turn on.

Has anyone else tried this? I'd like to use this machine instead of my phenom because it has an i7 870. The hyperthreading would be all too useful.

To add on, I just removed all of the cards, all of the ram, and it does nothing. I wonder if a jumper is out? Also one of two of the mobo check lights are on, though I think they both turn on only when the machine is running.

Those come with 300ish watt PSUs, right? Might be a power issue.

It looks like its acting like it has static syndrome. When I do tho RTSC switch to force it to show me errors it throws all sorts of errors. First that the board was bad, then that the ram exceeded 16 GB (no ram in it), then that the power supply was broken, then the USB headers, not its complaining that the bios is flopped.

Whatever I guess the machine is bust. If this thread could get deleted so it doesn't take up space that'd be great.

Sounds like too much trouble than it's worth.

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Its a shame too this was a nice machine.

Ugh, fuck.

you should be able to look at this and know whats wrong.

you have both beep codes and diagnostic lights to work with. if nether are working then the motherboard is definately dead.

Again, the codes changed every RTC force boot. I don't care anymore.

I saw OEM replacement mobos for those for around $15-20 bucks on ebay. Maybe that's your more viable option. Those optiplex are nice sexy sleeper machines btw. I used to have a 790 with 2400 i5 + 7850 and it could run mostly anything I throw to it haha

I wouldn't trash it, though. Keep it in the closet. Who knows. Maybe you'll find another one with different problems for dirt cheap. Shouldn't be too hard, honestly.