Dell Inspiron 7373 Impressions

It’s been almost 5 years since I’ve bought a new laptop. When I went to university in 2012 I picked up an Asus laptop with a i7-2670qm and a 635m graphics card. That got me through University and helped me get my engineering undergrad degree. The 5 lbs hunk of plastic and sandybridge silicon was starting to show it’s age. After pulling it apart to replace the thermal compound for the 3rd time, I decided it was time to upgrade.
After shopping around I went out and picked up a new Dell Inspiron “7373” model. This model came with an 8th gen i7-8550u with 4 hyperthreaded cores and a max boost of 4.0GHz. This thing is seriously fast compared to my Sandybridge i7 and only sips 15 watts. I ended up paying around $1000 for the machine with specs shown below:

Dell Inspiron 13 7373
Display Adapters Size 13.3”
Type IPS
Resolution 1920x1080
Touch Touch with Active Pen Support
CPU SKU i7-8550U
Cores/Threads 4c / 8t
Cache 8MB
Frequency Base 1.8 GHz
TDP-up 2.0 GHz
Turbo 4.0 GHz
GPU SKU Intel UGH Graphics 620
Base 300 MHz
Turbo 1.15 GHz
DRAM 16GB, DDR4, 2400MHz
SSD 256GB Samsung M.2
USB 1 x 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C 2 x 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A
Card Reader SD Card Reader
Wi-Fi 2x2 802.11ac
Bluetooth 4.2
Ethernet N/A
Display Outputs 1 x HDMI 2.0
Audio 2 Rear Speakers Combo Headphone / Microphone Jack
Webcam Standard Webcam
Infrared Camera w/ Windows Hello
Fingerprint Reader N/A
Battery 38 Whr, 3-Cell Battery
Dimensions Width 12.2” (309mm)
Depth 8.5” (215mm)
Thickness 0.61” (15.5mm)
Weight 3.20 lbs
Colors Gray
Price $999.99

I’d like to do some Linux compatibility testing at some point. Most of the heavy engineering work I do relies on a Windows based machine but I could always just remote into my desktop when I want to do that kind of work.
One problem I have found so far is related to fan noise. The fans come on when I do anything more than light web browsing or office tasks, and they don’t have the most pleasing sound. The noise ranges from nearly inaudible in a coffee shop or with music on, to unbearable in a dead quite room. Something to consider.
I will probably give an update later on when I have more time with this machine. Overall, I would recommend it you’re looking to get good all-around specs for around $1000.


What do you use to remote into your desktop for engineering work?

I usually use TeamViewer or Chrome remote desktop.

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My Dell 7577 was a little like that. I under-volted the CPU and it’s now much better and the GPU fans usually kick in first. I’m also somewhat loath to trust that Dell applied thermal paste correctly, but I’ve not bothered to fully strip-down to check…

That’s the 7700HQ, right? Not sure if I have much control over the clock or voltage with mine.

Correct. You can download the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility to check what you can do with yours.

How is the screen? Dell’s, I believe, are known to put some quality screens into their laptops.

The screen is pretty great until you touch the touch screen. It’s a fingerprint magnet and super glossy. But when it’s clean it looks good.

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