Dell inspiron 15 touchpad stoped working

I have a Dell Inspiron 15 that I only use occasionally. It has Linux Mint 19.1 installed on it and using the Cinnamon desktop. About one week ago I noticed that the touchpad had stopped working. I am suspecting that an update may be the culprit, as I had updated it about a week before and hadn’t use it for a week after doing that update. When I did that update it had been almost a month since the previous update so there was a large number of things updated. So I guess what I need to know is, what I should look for so I can revert it to it’s previous version?

I should note this laptop does have Windows on it also (slowly transitioning the other people, who have access to it, to Linux) and the touchpad works in windows. Also if I plug a mouse in,it works.

what kernel are you running?

uname -a

have you checked for errors in bootup? you can do this with :

journalctl -b

Not sure what window manager you are running, but you could also just check your system settings and see if your touchpad is turned off.