Dell,HP and LSI Raid Controller Erased Drive Recovery

I love this kind of knowledge and i'm loving to know more on how to recover from some errors , off course not really enterprise per se , but more on the small business side , so I made this thread because good data recovery programs are very expensive and i want a camera guy following Wendell all day hehe , hey he promised .

"Some raid controllers store the raid config on the drives, and will sometimes erase the disk. Not only to the zero the MBR/Partition table (first 512 bytes) they zero the start of the partition table as well! Let's look at some ways to recover from that situation using dd and Linux.

This is the first video on the enterprise channel! This is one of the videos too crazy for the main channel. Sorry for the shaky cam, but it's the content that counts. And using dd to recover a partition is really, really brain-melting."

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I really, really wish this video was made four years ago. I am almost certain my truecrypt encrypted flash drive corrupted, which borked the mbr and/or the partition table. I messed around with it for a couple weeks, eventually giving up and wiping it. Lost a bunch of irreplaceable data. Wish I hadn't reformatted it.

I am really looking forward to more of these esoteric, in depth videos Wendell.