Dell dimension 4600 not finding drives

Im fixing up an old dell system and the system isnt finding the 2 drives i have plugged in. They were both working when i tried them with a USB adapter and i have them both plugged in the config that i want with power going to them. The system will go into the windows xp installing blue screen but when it gets to selecting a drive it pushes me out because it cant find drives. In bios i have them on auto which just shows them as unknown capacity with the floppy drive turned off. I also replaced the CMOS battery.

Full build is

Pentium 4 2.8ghz 

2.3 gb ram ( mix of modules they all register and function properly)

fx 4 ti 4200 or fx 5200 ( but i cant get video to go through either of them, only the integrated video adapter on the mother board, also which one would be better for gaming)

sound blaster 5.1 live

2x cd reader writers

2x hdd wwd drives ( 1x 120gb & 1x 80gb)

And the base power supply( 300 watt i think)

Go into the BIOS to make sure the controllers are turned on.

......they are....