Delidding a CPU

Has anyone here delidded their Ivy or Haswell chip? I'm thinking about delidding mine. Thoughts and/or advice?

I read a lot about em.  I've heard razorless delidding is easy.

Razor method:

Unless you are doing some crazy overclocking id would suggest not removing the cap as it there to protect the die from damage.

I delidded my 3770k using the method above and replaced the thermal paste with AS5 because my temps were high

Just curious what sort of improvement did you notice?

What were your temps before and after delidding your CPU? I may give it a try when I replace my motherboard.

@4.3ghz 1.16v with a hyper 212 evo using prolimitech pk-1 TIM under prime I was hitting almost 90c and after I was closer to 80c.  Not a huge improvement but some I would guess its better now as AS5 takes time to cure.  For the TIM between the die and heat spreader I have heard there are better solutions like liquid solder but any silver based TIM like AS5 will work too.  The way it is now is AS5 between the die and heat spreader and prolimitech pk-1 between the heat spreader and the hyper 212 evo. 

Edit just ran OCCT and did not reach more then 75c I your temps are fine I would just leave it.

I delid my 4670k. Now use my watercooling to cool the die directly. I dont even use my IHS. 

I never get above 60c. And I have a 4.8GHz OC.

can you do that with air coolers? I have only seen people do it with custom loops and would be interested in trying but don't want to crush or scratch the die.

No, Air coolers are too heavy. It will crack the die.

I think I'll leave it alone for now. I really do not have the money to replace it if something were to go wrong. Thanks for all the responses guys.

I'll continue to read up on it. If I'm feeling lucky, I may give it a try later in the future. Or I may try practicing on some older CPUs.