Delicious Craft Beer from a long white cloud

Seeing as I often have to watch with jealousy as Logan presents the Tech while sipping on a delicious beer, while social conventions generally find it unacceptable for me to enjoy one as well. I thought it would be cool to send over a couple of my favorite beers from New Zealand to see how Logan enjoys them (Unless he has plans to visit out fiber filled lands, ((now thinking of changing title to land of long light cables.)) in which case it would be better to share 'em together.)


So yip, just wondering where to send gifts.

Kia Ora Cuz, Tu Meke.

I was wanting to find out a mailing address to send some delicious beery goodness from Australia.

Apparently my Visa isn't being accepted for some reason so I can't do Tek Support.  The way I see it, sending beer is the next best thing. =)

Would be,,,, if you weren't from Australia! :-P