Degrading performance (after new hardware)

I built my computer back in 2011 and it was running great no problems at all until i upgraded my system.

The issue i am experiencing is everyother day the system starts to slow down (normally browsing with multiple windows in chrome), then becomes unresponsive, thean finally freezes up for few minutes then starts recovering and things gets back up to speed again and its fine. I have no idea what is cousing this at first i was thiking it was my new ssd but the booting speed is normal about 30-40 seconds. I would really appriciate if anyone can give me some advice the spec are down below to show the changes that were made to the system before it became unstable. 

Old spec:

ASUS S Sabertooth p67 LGA 1155 (MB)

Intel Core i7-2600K 3.8 ghz (CPU)

 Cooler Master Hyper N520(heat sink)

G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series DDR3 1600 8gb (RAM)

GTX 550 Ti 1gb (GPU)

kingston 300 series 128gb (SSD)

WD 1.5tb (HDD)

NZXT Phantom (case)

Dual monitor 

Current spec :

ASUS S Sabertooth p67 LGA 1155 (MB)

Intel Core i7-2600K 3.8 ghz (CPU)

Noctua NH D-14 (heat sink)

G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series DDR3 1600 16gb (RAM)

GTX 660 Ti FTW 3gb (GPU)

ASUS Xonar DG (sound card)

kingston hyperx 3k 240gb (SSD)

WD 1.5tb (HDD)

NZXT Phantom 820 (case)

triple monitor 

Thank you for your help

Could it be the system getting hot? if it isn't occuring regularly, did you apply a new thermal paste with the new heatsink?

That was just my first thought ^

my laptop does that with chrome and so does my my families touch screen computer. although i don't see how chrome could be crashing your computer completely

can be a overheating problem maybe yes. did you  install some programm that you can see the  temps, runn prime for about an hour looks if its freezes then.

can also a bug in windows it self or something with flash..

but overheating is the first i should look if i was you, if im right is this the sabbertooth mainboard, thats is coverd under a plastic plate, with some little fans installed on the io panel and  northbridge chip..?

its well know this wasnt realy a good  desighn from asus at all, the fans didnt do good job, and everything was getting verry heat undernead that cover, so thats why you dont see that design anymore on other asus sabbertooth boards..

the motherbored has built in temperature check points (AI Suite 2)  the temp are normal my cpu stays below 30 normally around 25-27. The graphic card is the hottest thing in my system, with full load its about 69-72.

i honestly dont hink its the temperature because i have had the system running smoothly for 1.5 years right until the upgrade. also windows explorer stops working... so is it my OS?

could it by my SSD or the extra RAM by any chance? this morning i turned it and was cheking my mail to print to travel tickets using adobe and it couldnt find the printer driver then it just froze.., so myabe its not chorme (i did have single tab of chrom open at the moment)    

did you install the memory correctly  as dual channel ?

mostly slot 1/3 or 2/4and are those the same memory with same cas latency en speeds?

the temps look be fine indeed,only 62 degrees gpu at idle is very high!!

but freezin with flash hmm

maybe  try to reinstall windows first i know its not a cool job..

at that point is the best way to start first reinstall windows in stall all drivers from youre hardware manufacturer, then install  flash and java, the bas things and look if it still freezes then, could be some problem, in windows it self offcourse. wenn you get the same problems with a fresh new install, then likely it will be some hardware problem somewhere, then i pesonaly suspion the ssd in the first place.

what you can do then , is if you got a normal harddisk in youre system try to install windows on that normal harddisk, and look if you still got freezings,  thats how you can start  the best at finding this issue.

wenn windows on the normal harddisk is freezen to, then it could be  the memory or  if you have one try a diffrent gpu, 62 degrees looks very hot to me at idle.



I got the problem fixed, it was the SSD drive. I got it replaced and its works great now   

Thank you posting this ansewr, i have somethimes problems to freezing  wenn browsing in internet explorer or firefox, i allready did a HDD test and it failed, so yea probably i have the same issue, but then with my older Hdd. i tought it was a flash problem, but probably not.

i realy apriciat that wenn people finding solutions to fix theire problems that they let know what the problem was, so other people, can read and learn ☺