Defrag limit?

ok, so i'm defragging using defraggler, and at first I couldn't get the frag below 11%, now It won't go below 8%. is this normal?

defraged some files individually, got it down to 5%

when i use defraggler i just keep running it one time after another until it gets to less than 5%, i usually strive for 0%, afterwards i usually set it to run twice a week

that's whut i been doin.....

and now after a full defrag, it went back up to 11%.... dafaq is up with defraggler



I don't know why you guys are having problems because defraggler took my fragmentation down to 0%


at 1% now, after i set it to ignore restore points and hibernate info.... that's good enough...

now for the other 2 drives.... data has 0% does my external, lol



might be a update problem with defraggler i havent really used it for a year now (no real point currently) so i wouldnt know about the latest version

nah, just that defgraggler can't defrag restore points.