Defrag hard drive causes lag spikes in games

So defragging my WD Blue 1tb which is a storage drive using Defraggler. The only problem is that it causes lag spikes in games (League of Legends and Stepmania) that I play off on my SSD which are hardly demanding. The annoying thing is that I have to stop the Defragging play the game and then start the defragging again once or forget. Anyone know what is the cause for this? The drive is heavily fragmented and its fairly slow when transferring files from SSD to HDD. Defragging it helps get some of the performance back.

Here are my specs. I should not be having lag spikes in game that I play.

Xeon E3 1231v3
Asus H81M-E
2x8gb 1600mhz Kingston Value RAM. Has been memtested and its fine.
R9 290 Tri X OC stock
EVGA 750w G2
256gb Crucial MX100
1TB WD Caviar Blue.

Why not get your important stuff off it and just reformat the drive? Otherwise it's probably just overall system lag

system lag....... no lag

Pretty much everything on the drive is important so NOPE.

Well then you should have a back up anyways, and I meant system lag from the defragmentation, probably best just to run it while you sleep.

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Smart defrag will optimize the file system on that drive. You should never let a drive get that fragmented. Just defragging isn't good enough. Plus that drive looks a little full, might get another. Is windows is using the drive for paging file ?

nope the hibernation and the pagefile is on the ssd. oh i forget to defrag my drive but that when you realised that you downloaded your entire steam library on the drive over a few nights. Love you Australia Internet.

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other than dont defrag the same drive your reading from ?

the games i said are running off the ssd which should have no affect on performance. making a ram disk didnt help either.

Always been my exp. that drive performance gets a little funky :) once you get them about so full. I page off mine so i leave 1/4ish of them empty.